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About Us
Welcome to Samui Language School. We wholeheartedly believe in the transformative power of language. Our dedicated team provides high-quality instruction and personalized support to help you achieve fluency in Thai or English. Whether you're a beginner or seeking an ED Visa, we're here to guide you.
English ED Visa: Course Options
Thai ED Visa: Course Options
An ED VISA price list and description with program lengths and prices
Looking for private lessons? We’ve got you covered!
Starting at 750 THB / hr

3 months

21,500 THB

6 months

36,000 THB

9 months

46,000 THB

12 months

57,500 THB

3 months

18,000 THB

6 months

30,000 THB

9 months

39,000 THB

12 months

48,000 THB

3 months

14,500 THB

6 months

24,000 THB

9 months

31,000 THB

12 months

38,500 THB

3 months

15,000 THB

6 months

24,000 THB

9 months

32,000 THB

16 months

48,000 THB

NOTE: Thai ED Visas are subject to additional fees that are paid directly to Thai immigration


Which languages can I learn at Samui Language School?

Students may learn English and Thai at Samui Language School.

Which plans are available for me? 

3 plans are available based on your budget, schedule, and whether or not you require an ED VISA.

Plans range from 1-3 days per week and could be taken anytime from 9am-6pm — depending on when you'd like to study and your class placement. 

What is included in the course packages?

You'll receive our:

• English Mastery Course material
• Unlimited access to our community's online resource & study platform
• 1-3 classes weekly — depending on your chosen package — with our friendly & professional teachers and global student community! 

Do these course prices include visa fees?


The listed course prices only include the language study courses. Visa costs are based on current immigration office fees. 

So, please, ask our staff for the current prices. 

Are there any other payment options available?

Yes! Our financing program allows you to pay course/visa fees in 3 instalments. Visa applications can be done independently if you would like to save on administration costs. Otherwise, we'd be glad to take care of this for you! 

How often do students have class?

Depending on the package selected, students can expect to have class from 1 to 3 times a week.

How can I test my language skill level? 

We'll go through a short placement test together to find out whether you're a: 

• (L1) beginner
• (L2) elementary
• (L3) intermediate
• (L4) high-intermediate
• (L5) advanced
• (L6) high-advanced. 

Take a free trial lesson and find the perfect class for you! 

Can you guarantee that my ED VISA will be approved?

We're not an immigration department, and Thai visas could be denied for any reason. However, we're proud to maintain a nearly 100% success rate for offering our students ED VISAs. We'll create all your necessary paperwork and manage deadlines to ensure that you're safe, protected, and worry-free! Our positive reputation with students and immigration officials has set usapart — we'll do anything to maintain this honor!

Am I able to leave Thailand with an ED Visa?

In order to leave Thailand with your ED Visa, you must get a re-entry permit. Failing to do so will result in your ED Visa becoming void once leaving the country.

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